Black English – Dialect or Slang?

12053340_958588024180020_1059945998_nWhat’s up y’all,

Ain’t nothing better than having our work recognize by someone we admire. So let me cut to the chase!

My friend, the dedicated professional, linguist, reseracher, and English teacher Carina Fragozo, from English in Brazil had invited me to post an article on Black English (Text in Portuguese) and before it came out, I had been working on it for quite a while and you can check it out right now by clicking HERE. This article is a summary of my work with Black English. Another part of it can also be found on AFRICAN AMERICAN VERNACULAR ENGLISH.

However, this time we went further into it and came up with this awesome video. It is predominantly in Portuguese. I am sure you will love it and learn a lot from it.

Carina Fragozo’s Facebook Page is English in Brazil

Rodrigo P. Honorato’s Facebook Page is English Black Friday

Don’t be a stranger! Come back as often as you can. English Black Friday is for you to learn English through Black American culture, music, comedy, and so much more. For more about Black Language, click on ALL ABOUT BLACK LANGUAGE

Thank you for coming out and showing your support.
This material has been selected, adapted, analyzed, and put together by Rodrigo P. Honorato.

2 thoughts on “Black English – Dialect or Slang?

  1. Man. Thanks gor the videos and all. You are helping me a lot. Learning english throw black music have been a dream for me ever but is dificult. Thanks again.

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