Black English – Como tudo começou

What’s up y’all, How y’all doin’? Our channel is out! Yeaaaaaaah! I am so happy to come over to let you that some of our work has been put out. We have been working on the channel and songs and images and all that jazz. I really do hope you enjoy it. Friday, October 16, … More Black English – Como tudo começou

Black English – Dialect or Slang?

What’s up y’all, Ain’t nothing better than having our work recognize by someone we admire. So let me cut to the chase! My friend, the dedicated professional, linguist, reseracher, and English teacher Carina Fragozo, from English in Brazil had invited me to post an article on Black English (Text in Portuguese) and before it came out, I had been … More Black English – Dialect or Slang?