House of Payne – The Funniest Show

tyler-perrys-house-of-payneDear Readers,
I was so willing to write about this show and share it with all of you for it is one of my favorite TV series of all times. Hands down!!! I would not dare compare it with the amazing, one and only The Cosby Show or one of the most popular black American shows in Brazil, the funny and catchy Everybody Hates Chris because they are different shows, but they have some things in common: family and Black English Well, but this time you are about to experience something that your Brazilian friends have never watched before. Without further ado, see for yourself what I am talking about and enjoy the House of Payne. 

From 2006 to 2012, House of Payne brought a lot of smile to its fans. It is a very entertaining show and you should definitely give it a try. This show was created by the incredible and friendly Tyler Perry to whom I have spoken on the phone. It was really amazing. This happened while I was attending a lecture in Brazil about the HBCUs. Tyler Perry has surely never imagined that there is a Brazilian man here who loves and supports his work so much. I am definitely talking about myself.

Atlanta firefighter Curtis “Pops” Payne thinks his home is his castle, but he needs a bigger moat. His nephew CJ and kids have invaded the place for an extended stay, and money-challenged son Calvin also keeps showing up, mainly around meal time and on laundry day. Thankfully, Curtis has loving but no-nonsense wife Ella to help him keep it together.

You’ve got to see it for yourself. Get the feel of it by watching this promo video below:

Oh yeah, I love it and can’t stop watching it. If you like comedy and get your rear cracked up, you do not need to go any further, you’ve just found something that will surely make you feel good!


This family will teach you a plethora of nice life lessons that you might use in your personal everyday life. This has definitely happened to me and I am happy I’ve learned how to deal with them nicely and pacifically. What would you do if you lived with your uncle and he got just super excited when he heard you’d found a place and you’re about to move there? What if you had a wife who is addicted to crack-cocaine and she wants to see your children? What a difficult situation huh!

But before you watch one of the episodes, meet the main characters and actors by clicking on House of Payne – Full Cast. Now that you’ve met all of them, watch one of the episodes and enjoy it!

Curtis Payne, the uncle and, for me, the funniest character has the funniest quotes and I would like to share these ones with you before I leave.

HOP_curtis_wed_340x220_060720071004 House-of-Payne-3-tyler-perry-6414169-1024-768

Don’t be a stranger!! Come back as often as you can. English Black Friday is for you to learn English through Black American culture, music, comedy, and so much more.

Thank you for coming out and showing your support.
This material has been selected, adapted, analyzed, and put together by Rodrigo P. Honorato.

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