Is saggin’ faggin’?

As you can see down below, this post is all about: SAGGIN’.


This is an interesting topic that has caught my attention for a couple of reasons: 1. I used to sag my pants; 2. I think that meanings change as time goes by. Some will say that saggin’ is faggin’, but let us understand what that could mean.

Extra Information: 

1. SAG – To wear your pants with the waist below the hips, so that your underwear is visible;

2. FAG is short for FAGGOT – It is a derogatory term used to insult male homosexuals (I personally do not like this word and advise you not to use it.) 

There are different ways to sag your pants and you can actually choose how low you want your trousers to hang.


Some others will super sag and some of them make fun of that sagging situation. My ex-student Luisa Avelar sent me this vine that I will share with you all.

Many people will sag their pants and that does not really affect or offend me, but some other people will find it disrespectful and not very cool. Some other people say that it has originated in jails as the picture below shows:


Eddie Griffin, my favorite stand-up comedian, has said this about saggin’. Watch the video below:

But is this where it really came from? Another theory has been brought to table and you can watch this down below. Historically, do you think Marcus Garvey would sag his pants?

You shouldn’t miss this funny video of GloZell Green talkin’ about saggin’ 

This is crazy right? Well, not liking it is a matter of choice and I respect your viewpoint, however some cities in the U.S. have taken it to another level. It is a law now and if you break it, you might have to face fines. Check this out: You can click on Sagging is Against the Law or on Sagging Ain’t Right!

Some rappers sag their pants and I don’t think that it has the same meaning that Eddie Griffin and the picture above are bringing up. But it is not my job to decide it. You are the one to do it! So do your sag your pants? Do you think it is cool? Do you think people who sag their pants are advertising their butts and are willing to have sex with their “inmates”?

Watch some rappers talking about saggin’:

You can see how Wiz Khalifa starts his rhyme, which, by the way, I love…


pants wiz

Watch the video below “Young, Wild & Free by Wiz Khalifa ft. Snoop Dogg” that’s how I would like to finish this post. Enjoy the song and let me know what you think about saggin’

This material has been selected, adapted, analyzed and put together by Rodrigo P. Honorato

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