T-Shirt: I ain’t even mad, bro!


Hey, what’s up y’all? Today, we will look at that sentence on the T-shirt and see what this is all about! I don’t know if it happens to you, but sometimes I bump into people on the street and their T-shirt really catches my eyes! This is one of those!

So let’s break it down!

1. ain’t – The word “ain’t” has been out there in the English language since the 18th century and some people still say that “ain’t” is not a word that should be used or that it is bad English.  On this T-shirt “ain’t” means a)”am not”. You can also use it in place of b)”isn’t” or c)”aren’t”. If you want, you can use “ain’t got no” which means d)”don’t have” or e)”doesn’t have” as though it is not enough, you can use the expression “ain’t no” which means f)”there is no” or g)”there are no”.

For Example:

a) I ain’t gonna tell you on, I ain’t no snitch!
b) She ain’t your sister, is she?
c) If you ain’t from the U.S, you ain’t gonna be able to get that passport.
d) I ain’t got no money, so I had better stay home!
e) She ain’t got no certification!
f) Ain’t no water in the swimming pool!
g) Ain’t no students in the classroom.


Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell recorded one of the coolest songs of all times, watch the video below and see how they use the expression “ain’t”. Can you find out what that means in the song?

For further information on “ain’t”, click on AIN’T

2. mad – It means “crazy” or “angry”. For this T-shirt the meaning is “angry”. If you go to New York and New Jersey you might hear people saying something like “I’ve seen mad people at Times Square”. Are they crazy or angry? Neither! In that case, “mad” means “many”. Or, maybe, you will hear “This T-shirt is mad cool” which would mean that it is “very cool”.

3. Bro – It is short for “brother” which does not necessarily mean that you are real brothers. You can be close friends. This reduction may vary “bru”, “bruh” or “brotha”. When you have a friend that is like a brother, you can say that “he is my brother from another mother”.

In conclusion: “I ain’t even mad bro” means “I am not angry my brother”

In Portuguese: “Nem to com raiva” ou “To de boa”

Awesome, isn’t it? So, would you wear this T-shirt? Well, if you have a T-shirt that you want to know what the message on it means, email me a photo of it.

This material has been selected, analyzed, and put together by Rodrigo P. Honorato

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