English Black Friday – The Get-Go!!

Freedom Fighters

Welcome to African-American History on English Black Friday. This website has been created so that we can foster interest and discussion regarding African-American culture, history, food, comedy and etc. If you are reading this, give yourself this chance of knowing about topics that many of your books and TV channels will never teach you.

Back in 2011, my friends Rafael and Marcela went to Harlem – uptown Manhattan – where they purchased this T-shirt and gave it to me as a gift. I remember how happy I got! They knew I would love it for they know how fond of the theme I am. Without further ado, these are some of the African American, Jamaican, and South African people who fought and still have been fighting for their freedom as well as civil rights and other social issues around the world.

From today on (June 6, 2015), get ready to learn about their lives, deeds, thoughts, philosophies, beliefs, and languages. This project – English Black Friday – had been thought out, planned, and put down to paper before it became a website. My intentions are to spread knowledge and information on this amazing people. I, as an Afro-Brazilian person, have been through some plights regarding race and skin color, which have triggered me in order to stand up for minorities and help them rise and overcome.

This website is not meant to instigate any kind of supremacy or hatred ideas. English Black Friday has been put out in order for you to know a little bit about African-American culture. This is a holistic approach. Come celebrate it with us!

You are very welcome and so are your comments! Get ready to read about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X and many other important people.

Best regards,

By Rodrigo P. Honorato

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